“On the best day of your lives - your first day as one - you deserve memories that shine forever.” ALAN WATTS


Lead Photographer

I take pictures for people, to expose them to magical sights that otherwise would have faded. It began for me when I traveled the world, visiting Greece, France, Spain, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia and 14 other countries. Seeing so much up close made me want to share all of it; the people, the architecture, the landscapes, every vivid and vibrant moment.

My fine-art Wedding Photography career started when I was just a guest. The couple liked my images so much that they never used the official ones, and now here I am, 5 years later, doing what I love, recording your moment with the one you love, to have and to hold.

Hire Me For a Project


Welcome to your Bowtie Pixs experience! Whether it’s a wedding, an event, or a portrait session that’s brought you here, the Bowtie Pixs team is ready to bring our signature style and artistry to actualize your vision. Our master photographer Jameel Pugh is trained to capture the planned and the unplanned moment in vivid detail. A fine-art aesthetic influences our approach, using dynamic lighting, artistic angles, unique compositions, and advanced post-production techniques to craft imagery with creative flare. As a result, Bowtie Pixs captures images we can both be proud of.