Ethiopian Wedding, day 1.

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Ethiopian Wedding, Day 1

Have you ever wondered how a two-day wedding looks like? Eyasu and his bride Dagmawit decided to please everyone and split their wedding in two days. The first day was a classic American-style wedding, attended by 780 guests. The groom prepared for the wedding in his home, with the help of his groomsmen. He is wearing a formal white tux with black details. In the meantime, the bridesmaids gather at the bride’s house.

They assist her in the preparation process, while they all have fun. The beautiful bride is wearing a glamorous spaghetti-strap gown with flowy romantic ruffles. The bridesmaids wear a lavender dress with elegant lace details. The family members prepare the house for the guests.

Eyes were filled with tears of joy, as the young couple said: “I do”. Eyasu promised eternal love to his darling Dagmawit, as he put a mesmerizing rose gold ring with diamonds on her finger.

Wedding Ceremony

The groom and his entourage head to the bride’s home. According to the tradition, they are welcomed with a song that says they won’t be let in. It is fun to see the groom begging to be let in, as the others follow the tradition. The short tug of war in the form of a song ends, and the groom steps in with pride. Then, he hands pretty flowers to his bride. She thanks him with hugs and kisses before they leave the house.

Everyone heads to the Capital Christian Center where the ceremony will be held. Upon entering, the bride is accompanied by her mother and father. Then, they symbolically hand her to her groom. It all starts when the grandparents welcome the couple, dressed in traditional ethnic clothes. As the bride and groom walk in, they kiss their knees to show respect. The grandparents and parents give their blessings and wish the couple a happy life together. The honored guests stand up and welcome them with a song, while the flower girl marks their path with gentle flower petals.


The reception was held in Citrus Heights Community Center. The guests were welcomed with an elegant venue in lavender hues, decorated with lots of fresh flowers.

During the reception, the guests engage in a Shibsheba. It is a traditional dance, for which the people are divided into two sides facing each other. The bride and groom stand on top of each side. It starts when everyone bends their backs and sways their arms, as each one dances towards the person on the opposite side. Then, they go back to their first position. This traditional dance is a part of every Ethiopian wedding.

Dagmawi Tilahun popularly known as Dagi flew from Ethiopia to this wedding. The traditional Ethiopian gospel singer performed in their native language Amharic. He is a famous gospel artist, known for the albums named ‘Tichelhalehu’ and ‘Kalina Gebre’. To celebrate this special moment, the best traditional dishes were prepared with love. The guests enjoyed the spicy flavor of the Kitfo. It is a dish made of shredded raw meat, seasoned with the most aromatic spices, and natural oils. It is a typical dish that originates from Ethiopia.

On the table, everyone could enjoy Dorowat too. It is a gourmet meal made of chicken and a special spicy sauce, that the guests enjoyed a lot. Everyone present was watching with excitement, as the married couple was slicing the cake. They rounded up the happy moments with dancing and singing.