Ethiopian Wedding Day 2

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Ethiopian Wedding, Day 2

As everyone had rested from the first celebration, it is time for Day 2. The second day of the wedding is reserved for the traditional customs that are part of the Ethiopian culture. 342 close family members are on the guest list, making their way to the Church Gymnasium. They are dressed in traditional clothing in white and yellow. After the wedding ceremony the couple dressed in “Kaba”, a traditional Ethiopian outfit. The vest for the groom and the dress for the bride made their way from Ethiopia, to preserve the authenticity of the traditional outfit.

Eyes were filled with tears of joy, as the young couple said: “I do”. Eyasu promised eternal love to his darling Dagmawit, as he put a mesmerizing rose gold ring with diamonds on her finger.


The parents of the couple are dressed in traditional clothing. The women wear a long white dress with orange and yellow details. The men wear a shirt in the same style and black trousers. Dagmawit had a traditional Ethiopian wedding hairstyle and was wearing gold jewelry. She as also wearing a “Habesha Kemis”, an ankle-length dress characteristic for Ethiopian formal events. It is made of cotton, accompanied with a bodice and sleeves. The upper part has traditional decorations and embellishments in gold. The bride and groom were wearing a crown and a cape, symbolizing that now they are the head of the household.


Everyone gathers to dance the traditional Shibsheba. They bend their backs and sway their arms, as they head to the person in front of them. Family members come in the opposite of both the bride and groom. The dance is part of the praise and worship celebration in the Ethiopian cultural wedding. When the day is over, the wedding photography is the thing that will stay forever. All the pure emotions, colorful traditional clothes, and ethnic customs are here to remain forever.