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Hello bride and groom-to-be! The fact that you are here says that you are looking for a good Sacramento wedding photographer to hire. I am so excited to introduce you to our brand new Bowtie Pix website, that will take you a step closer to having the wedding photos that you desire. We work so hard to make sure that all of the spontaneous moments and sincere smiles are captured with attention. If you want to hire a professional that will preserve the very special moments of your wedding, keep reading because you are on the right way to get the best one.

I am Jameel Pugh, and I wish you all a warm welcome on my blog. I am an experienced wedding, portrait and landscape photographer, that favors a unique approach and artistic touch. Photography is my passion, and also my loving job for 10 years. Previous clients say that they absolutely love the artistic style, exotic vibe, and unique composition of their wedding photos. They are keen on having a wedding album that will be appreciated for years to come.

When Did It All Start?

Everything started when I was attending a friend’s wedding. The atmosphere was excellent and everyone had a smile on their face. Since I have an eye for details, I immediately got my camera out and started capturing some spontaneous moments, over the photographer’s shoulder. As soon as the couple saw the photos, they were absolutely stunned. At that time, I didn’t realize that they were so good. Until the couple decided to ditch the official ones and use mine instead. They absolutely loved how every single detail was captured in vivid colors, such as the wedding dress, rings, decorations, and food. On the other hand, they appreciated the unique composition and the way the photos are processed.

My Career As A Sacramento Wedding Photographer


As a wedding photographer, I had the chance to capture many innocent smiles and tears of joy. As the glamorous white gown touches the aisle, the lens is eager to capture all of the pure emotions.


I have taken photos on many destination weddings and traveled internationally for photo assignments. One couple had a glamorous rooftop wedding in Cancun and everyone could feel the sea breeze and crashing waves just by looking at the photos. Another couple tied the knot in the Pines Resort, so they got a photoshoot with the clear sparkly waters and mesmerizing forest as a backdrop.

“Traveling the world taking epic photographs of people in love.” This is my mission.


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