What To Look For In A Photographers Portfolio

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What To Look For In A Photographers Portfolio

Finding the perfect wedding photographer for your big day is not that easy. You will have to ask for recommendations and do a search. One important thing that you should rely on is the photographer’s portfolio, listed on their site. In the search for a professional, you will have to check many portfolios and access their work. So, how to know which one is the real thing? I will share a method that you will find really helpful. These are the 4 C’s that you should look for in a photographer’s portfolio!

We accept a limited number of weddings per year, assuring that we are able to give the utmost attention to all of our clients and their needs. Our effort is to make the wedding a comfortable, joyful day in whatever ways we can. A smiling, relaxed couple is a photogenic couple. 

4 C's Of What To Look For In A Photographers Portfolio

1.Composition Of Wedding Photos

As soon as you open a portfolio, observe and see what are the things that are included in the shots. An excellent photographer will move around, in order to catch the best frame. There should be a balance in the elements, as you don’t want the wedding photos to be overwhelmed by unnecessary things.

2.Colors and tones

Every photographer has their own unique style, achieved by manipulating the colors and tones. The overall feel of the wedding photography should match your personal preferences. If you don’t like the vibe, then skip hiring that one. You don’t want to be disappointed when you have the final photos in your hands.


When you have a glance at the photos, you will be able to judge their creativity. Does any of the images you see make you say “wow, how did they do that”? You don’t want ordinary emotionless photos and the same poses in each one. A good photographer that is a specialist in wedding photography will know all the creative photos that he can capture. Keep in mind that a professional will have both posed and candid shots in order to achieve balance. You would want to have some spontaneous moments captured, as well as some creative poses.


Take some time to look at the details included in the wedding photos. A true professional will capture all of the important details, such as ring, dress, invitations, food, jewelry, etc. You are paying money to make everything look perfect, from your attire to the venue decoration. A good photographer knows that you want to keep those small, but significant details in your loving memory forever. Also, they should have a good quality macro lens for this purpose.