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Devils Bridge

When things don’t go as you expect, a real professional is here to save the day. The end result is what really matters. I want to share one interesting experience with you.

A lovely couple planned their wedding on Friday, June 21st, in Antigua. They really wanted to have their wedding photo session by the famous Devil’s Bridge. They flew out from Vegas with their 2-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter. But, things didn’t go as expected. The groom’s wedding attire didn’t make it on to the connection flight from New York to Antigua. This means that he wouldn’t have any clothes before 5 pm on the following day. And this is where things started to get worse.

The luggage finally arrived at 5:30 pm. Knowing that the sun would disappear from the horizon at 6 30 pm, we had so little time to catch the last rays of the daylight. Of course, no inconvenience can get on our way. The Devils Bridge was a 35 min drive from the couple’s resort, so we hurried up to catch the golden hour. The mesmerizing views along the way convinced the couple that the effort was worth it.

Devil’s Bridge is a natural arch carved by the sea from soft and hard limestone ledges of the Antigua formation, a geological division of the flat north-eastern part of Antigua. A bridge was created when a soft part of the limestone eroded away by action of Atlantic breakers over countless centuries.


As we arrived, I quickly set up my equipment and positioned the couple on the cliff. The Devil’s Bridge is a natural bridge formed by the ocean waves that cause erosion. Furthermore, it is the perfect spot for romantic wedding photos during the sunset.

The golden sun rays dispersed through the horizon and brought warmth to the photos. The couple enjoyed each other’s presence and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. During the editing process, I wanted to make sure that every detail is noticeable. So I managed to bring out the specific texture of the cliffs. The purple skies perfectly complimented the turquoise and blue tones in the water.

This happy couple holds their hands with love while enjoying the breathtaking views. The bride is wearing an ivory mermaid dress, decorated with feminine lace details. The groom is wearing a shirt and pants in the same color for a cohesive look in the photos. They posed happily, as the ocean waves were spraying salty water and small crabs onto the cliff and rocky bridge.

Sun Down

As the traces of the last sun rays disappeared, it was time for me to drive the couple back to their resort. We finished the night with Pina Coladas and fresh fish and chips while enjoying the majestic ocean view.

The couple truly appreciated the flexibility and quality of the images. They thanked me for saving their special day and providing them with something that will become their family heirloom.