The Photographer

Jameel Pugh, Master Photographer

“Pause the emotional moments from the most important day in your life, and keep them forever”

“Can you feel the pure emotions you felt back then? I like to ask this question when people look at their finished wedding photos. Their answers are a part of what keeps me doing it.” Your wedding photography is one of the things that you will often get back to.

Through the lens, I can pause the moments so that you can revisit them at any time. As the years pass, you will truly understand the significance of your wedding photos. At certain moments, you will find yourself and your partner taking a glimpse at the moments when it all started. Page by page, your wedding album will remind you of the feelings that you had on your special day. I take pictures so that you can keep your memories from fading away.

It all began when I started my journey through the world, visiting Greece, France, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and 20 other countries. I couldn’t, but share all of those mesmerizing sights: the kind people, charming architecture, spectacular landscapes, and every vibrant moment.

My passion for exploring the globe took me deep into the waters of destination wedding photography. My camera lens witnessed colorful and vibrant weddings in the most iconic locations such as Mexico, Antigua, and Egypt.

My fine-art wedding photography career started in the most unexpected way. I was just a guest to a wedding, photographing the couple behind the main photographer’s shoulders. Later, I found out that they actually liked my photography so much that they never even used the official ones. Here I am 5 years later, combining my passion and career in one.

I am dedicated to recording the precious moments with your loved one so that you can keep them forever. Passion and dedication are not the only investments from my side. More than 10,000 hours of studying photography, practicing unique lighting, camera angles, and post-production editing turned me into the professional that I am today. I cover the technical, artistic, and creative part of photography so that you are satisfied with the outcome. My portfolio is rich with unique and stylish photos that show off pure and raw emotions that people simply can’t hide. Do you have a unique event?

Cultural Events

Don’t forget that I cover cultural weddings and events as well. I already have Ethiopian Habesha Weddings, and Mexican Quinceaneras, Traditional Catholic Weddings in my portfolio.