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Gray Family Photo Shoot

It all started when Da’sannus and Janessa were high school students. They fell in love with each other, and the rest is history. Now they are in front of the camera lens, creating their lifetime memories together with their lovely daughters.

The cute fountain and colorful blooms at California Captial Rose Garden added special charm to the photos. As a professional photographer, I found the most photogenic spots to make some outstanding photos. The I Street Bridge added a colorful vibe to the lovely family photos.

At first, the girls were shy. But I approached them in a friendly way, and they were happy to collaborate and pose for me. This is crucial when photographing children. It all depends on the photographer, and you really don’t want them to look sad and frustrated on the family photos.

“My Wife loved the photos, she couldn’t wait to post them on facebook and have a press conference”

Dressed to Impress!

The whole family decided that it is time to get dressy. Mr. Gray was wearing a navy suit. Mrs. Gray was wearing a gorgeous yellow dress with slit sleeves. I really loved the contrast between their outfits, as it came out perfectly in the photos. One common mistake with couple photoshoots is that they don’t do color coordination with their outfits. This little trick will make a huge difference. But, this doesn’t have to mean that you should be matchy. A same color scheme will also work.

The real magic started during the Golden hour. The couple confessed that they haven’t done a couple photoshoot for a long time. When the two charming girls got tired, mommy and daddy stepped on the scene. They took advantage and posed together. The sunset and I Street Bridge were the perfect backdrops, which resulted in the most romantic photos. The couple enjoyed some spontaneous moments of love, while I was capturing some candid shots.

Celebrating Love & Life!

A kiss and a sunset is everything needed for a perfect photo. Now, it stands proudly in a frame on the nightstand in their bedroom. Every morning, the couple can remind themselves of how happy they really are.

A family photoshoot is all about preserving the special memories for the future. The Greys are very happy with their family album. Ten years from now, the girls will be so excited to get back to the memories of their childhood. Da’sannus and Janessa are so happy because they finally have romantic photos that show off their love.

They confirm that a family photoshoot is something that you should do at least once a year. The blurred selfies on your smartphone might be lost somewhere in the cloud storage, but physical photos will stay forever. One day, you will be able to notice the positive changes in your life.