Tips For Picking A Good Wedding Photographer

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Tips For Picking A Good Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. And you certainly want to have the perfect photos that will remind you of those precious moments. Hiring a proven and experienced wedding photographer for your special day is a must. As a professional, I would advise you to be very strict regarding the choice you make. I have summed up my own experience in a few tips, that you will find helpful in the process of choosing the best wedding photographer.

Not every photographer is a professional. I have seen many unsatisfied couples in my career. There was one couple that was so disappointed with their wedding photography, that they decided to put on their wedding attire again for a new photoshoot. And this is not the only case, as it has happened many more times. However this can lead to unwanted costs, and you certainly don’t want to spend an additional amount of money.

Check The Wedding Photography Portfolio

Every professional should have a portfolio. Visit their site and have a look at the photos. This way, you will judge their style and see if it is the thing that you are looking for. Don’t let the price be the decision-maker. You might pay the highest price, but it is very likely that you will be disappointed if you don’t like their style.

Ask About The Lighting

The easiest way for you to tell if a photographer is good is to ask them about the lighting they use. A professional would be happy to explain everything to you. Keep in mind that lighting is the most important factor that will determine the quality of your wedding photos. A professional photographer knows that he will have to take shots both indoors and outdoors, and will be fully equipped for this. For example, I use strobe lights and speed lights with MagMod modifiers, which will add enough light and make the unwanted shadows disappear. Many of the photographers that offer their services on the market don’t want to invest in equipment, so the end result will not satisfy you

What happens if you hire the wrong person?

1. Most of the low-quality photos are blurry and dark. This has nothing to do with the venue and is definitely not your fault. Your wedding photographer is responsible for taking the best shots under any circumstance.

2. Low-quality photos will have grain and the details won’t be sharp. A true professional will know how to adjust the settings on his camera, to make sure that the photos will be clean.

3. An individual might have the technic skills, but not a sense for photography. Bad composition is the number one problem, which means that the elements in the photo will not be dispersed in a good way. A good photographer will wait for the perfect moment or change the position in order to catch a good frame.

4. A photographer that is not experienced in wedding photography will not be able to capture the most important moments. Experienced photographers have had so many wedding, so they know which are the exact moments that they need to capture.

5. If you hire cheap services, it is very likely that you will later find out that there are no detailed shots of the wedding rings, jewelry, dress, and shoes respectively. To get the best-detailed shots, a good photographer will use a dedicated macro lens.